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Pilates with Olga Vikhrova

I am a professional ballet dancer, trained at The Vaganova Russian Ballet Academy in St.Petersburg and The Royal Ballet School in London. Some of my work experience includes Maryinsky Theatre, Vilnius Theatre and English National Ballet School. At present I teach Ballet and Pilates in Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset, UK.

I am captivated by Pilates healthy, natural and graceful approach to the movement of the human body. I also inspired by the amazing method of breathing by Dr. Buteyko, that helps to control conditions like asthma, blocked nose, and bronchitis, to regulate blood pressure and many other chronic conditions.

I combined soft but powerful Pilates way of exercise with Buteyko’s effective method of breathing. As a result, it helps to relax, safely increase level of fitness and improve sport performance.

Olga Vikhrova russianballet.co.uk/